Purple Raindrop sprinkling magic dust on your brand
Purple Raindrop project managers can assist with waterfall to agile coaching, transformation and project management
Purple Raindrop will ensure your design is beautiful and on brand!
Purple Raindrop will ensure your event runs smoothly from concept design through execution to clean up!
Purple Raindrop aviation specialists in written word and marketing and branding
Purple Raindrop will ensure your content is both effective and attractive!


Taking into account your business goals, our team will conceptualise a strategy, or if one is already in play, Purple Raindrop are able to facilitate the execution, marrying beautiful design to a great story and of course ensuring all the finer details, from inception to launch, are taken care of, so that your plan for world domination is unhindered by details that could slow you down! 

Purple Raindrop is a full service, creative powerhouse, production and project management and media consulting agency. With high net-worth, and start-up clients all over the world, we have extensive international experience in diverse markets. 

We work with customers who are bold and brave and who have a vision they want seen and heard. Clients who want to build their brands and businesses with golden building blocks, and who want to thrive in a competitive world. 

“Is there magic in this world? Certainly! But it is not the kind of magic written about in fantasy stories. It is the kind of magic that comes from ideas and the hard work it often takes to make them real. ”

Robert Fanney

Purple Raindrop will assist with all your marketing needs, strategy to execution.

Purple Raindrop is owned and run by Philippa Rose-Tite (MBA, PMP, ACP, CSM). A wordsmith, editor, marketing magus, project manager, scrum-master, business owner, speaker, and eternal student. Although her titles vary, what is never in question is the great energy she brings to every encounter. After a lengthy career working for the big guns in the IT sector, Philippa launched Purple Raindrop in 2013 and has been consulting with clients in the marketing and project management space ever since. Although she works with clients all over the world, Philippa’s heart belongs to Africa and she dedicates considerable time not only to travelling on the continent but also to working in different African countries, helping to grow skills and develop knowledge in her specific areas.

Our creative teams work under award winning International Creative Director & Photographer, Ingrid Irsigler, while our business and project management teams fall under the guidance of Philippa Rose-Tite.  

The magic that is created by Purple Raindrop, lies in the amalgamation of both creative and business experience and skills. It is through this delicate blend that the golden threads of magic are woven, as the creative team can provide story driven, heart-felt creative content combined with a triumphant and intentional business focus. This enables start ups to get their voice heard in a competitive online world while keeping our established brands ahead of the game and constantly ensuring their relatability, relevancy and growth. 

Purple Raindrop Production Services! Brand builders with outstanding project management and business experience, as well as media production experience, Purple Raindrop is uniquely positioned to assist your company with any production needs! 

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