Purple Raindrop will make your brand unforgettable
Purple Raindrop will ensure your branding and project lists are completed
Purple Raindrop will show you how to achieve your goals
Purple Raindrop will make your fairy tale wishes come true
Purple Raindrop will take your brand on an adventure


We are the dream builders. The blue sky thinkers. The imagineers. The orchestraters. The powerhouse. We are the pie in the sky. The warm breeze on a summers day. The smell from your childhood that makes you smile. Your first kiss. Your midnight ocean swim. Your 3am melody. The glass half full of magic. The eternal summers day. The adventurers.  The perfect nights sleep. The party planners. The event organisers. The wanderlust seekers. The early songbird. The simple life. The sunrise over the ocean after a night of forever promises. Your lucky star. The unforgettables. The first summer rain. We are hope. We are success. We are passion. We are fire, we are the legend, the myth, the Davids in a world of Goliaths. We are brave and fearless. The happily ever after and the never ending stories. We are the best of the best, the renegades and lioness's. 

We see you, we hear you, we are YOUR magic makers - we are YOUR what if...?  

Your AGENTS OF CHANGE - we  will take YOUR vision, understand it, simplify it, organise it, produce it, write about it, design it, grow it, make it... and then we will be your navigators and guide your journey that will blaze a trail into the night sky that that can be seen from galaxies far, far, away. 

Image on left produced as part of Wonderland campaign for United Aviation Group, shot by Creative Director, Ingrid Irsigler

We are over 50 years of international projects creating business champions and global leaders. 

The simple solution for great success

First Concept, Then Design

Marketing Strategy & Implementation 

Marketing without a plan, is like wishing on a star. It’s fun to do but it’s not very effective.
Purple Raindrop will work with your team to understand your business objectives, and will then develop a through-the-line-marketing strategy that reflects your strategic objectives.

Client meeting: We meet and learn about your business, your purpose in creating visual content and set goals for the project.

Conduct research: We hit the books, scour the internet, interview professionals and more to learn about the industry. We also learn as much as possible about your competitors. This way we can give you the best most unique design solution possible.

Sketch out ideas: We create different concepts and sketch out as many ideas as possible, choosing the ones that suit your needs

Create variations of concept: We take our concepts and flesh them out.Here we create variations of each concept to suit multiple platforms and keep a consistent story across the channels.

Present concept for feedback: We present these concepts to you, explain the rationale behind each concept and why they would be successful. 

You then provide us with your feedback and what you feel resonates best with your needs. We execute the necessary revisions to develop the concept into a full-fledged set of designs. 

We follow up with a second round of revisions to finalise the project.

Deliver and launch: Once everything is approved, we send all the files to you in various formats (each suited for specific platforms). Now you roll out your new marketing campaign with amazing designs to really turn heads.

Purple Raindrop will bring your plans to fruition

It's simple. You get us. 
 We are selective, so your brand will get the focus it deserves from our expert team! 

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